They said “Cheeeeese” for 8 hours

Did you know?

The first camera ever invented took a whopping 8 hours to take a photo.

I can’t get my kids to stay still for 8 miliseconds for a pic never mind 8 hours…

Now, of course, things have moved on and everything’s much quicker.

It’s like internet marketing;

If you’re just starting out building your own internet business from the ground upwards then I’m sorry to tell you;

You have the very first invented old school camera in your hands;

It’s gonna take you a painfully long time to get any results out of it.

I’ve been there.

I started building my “camera” back in the 1990s.

Now it’s in its 1001st iteration.

It’s been tweaked, re-designed, torn down, re-built, improved and finally perfected to where it is now;

A finely oiled machine which cranks out $1.1 Million per year for me.


Now do you want to keep trying to build your business from scratch or would you like me to just give you my $1.1M / yr business to use as your own?

It’s called the 7-Figure Franchise.

And it’s your unique opportunity to get everything done for you with a system so easy even a total newbie can be cranking out moolah with this in no time.

Just point your mouse at this link, say “Cheese” and click;


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