How to hack IM so you can make money, get a list and work less

It’s easy.

First off;

Stop trying to do shizzle on your own and trying to be Sherlock Holmes figuring everything out.

That’s plain dumb.


Just copy what is already working – and by copy I mean blatantly steal it.

Well, with permission of course.

Ideally you want to find someone who’s willing to do all the work for you;

Someone who will write all the affiliate promos and content for you, pay you 100% commissions instant to your PayPal account.


Someone who will give you all the steps you need to get traffic and a list fast.

And someone who will consult with you for 30 days until the money starts flowing.

Someone like me.

So forget the evil “work” stuff and just hack into this money shortcut instead;


c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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