3 things every marketer should know about their business

#1. You need to know to the exact cent how much money you are making every day

This is critical because without this data you are just flying blind.

Don’t kid yourself.

Be honest with the money numbers so you can see how far short of your goals you are.

#2. You need to know the single most important task you should be working on during every waking hour


You don’t wanna be flapping around like a headless chicken wondering what to do next.

You need a plan.

You need to know what works and where your time is best spent.

#3. You need to know what you’re good at

When you start out it might be nothing.

But over time you’ll get good at something.

And you wanna focus on that.

For me it’s emails;

This is why I write 4-6 every single day.

The more I write the more money I make and the better I get.

Here cometh the pitch;

If you can’t be arsed to get good at something, your daily money count is zero and you have no idea how to get your internet business off the ground then listen up;

Why not just take mine?

It made $1.1 Million last year.

And now you can franchise it for yourself complete with all the affiliate promos I’ve ever written, all my digital products for free, 100% commissions on everything and 30 days private consultancy with me.

So really;

All you need to know is you should get this;



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