Advice to newbs who need greenbacks


If you ain’t got two pennies to rub together and literally have to scramble down the sofa to find pennies to buy breakfast then this ain’t for you.

(You should go get some money to invest in your online business first.)


The method I’m about to share with you won’t work for everybody.

It’s only for people with a pulse, a brain and an ability to turn off “The Bachelor” for a second and do a bit of graft.

(Though not much).

Ready? Let’s do this…

Step #1. Grab some Private Label Rights products (2 mins)

(These are products you can put your own name to, sell as your own and keep all the money.)

Step #2. Use all the ready made website files to activate your money-making sites (6 mins)

Step #3. Send some free traffic to the websites from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter etc. (10 mins)


You’re welcome.

Get started here;


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