Here’s why affiliate horror stories are so common

Because most people are fricking clueless.


I said it.

I’ve been dying to get that off my chest all morning.

Seriously – most people are running around the internet marketing landscape like headless chickens wondering why they’re not finding a single speck of grain.

It’s not that they’re idiots.

The opposite in fact.

They’re too smart.

They think they can find their own way through this maze without anyone’s help.

So they keep their hands, and their wallets, firmly in their pockets.

Big mistake.

I slaved for two years straight to try and make it online in this blinkered and naive way.

I made Jack Shizzle.

Don’t do it.

Look – I’m not asking for your money here. Just a little bit of your time so you can learn everything I’ve learned about making money online in the past 17 years.

Do yourself a favor and set time aside to watch this groundbreaking special training today;


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