Attack of the sugar-crazed 3-year olds from hell

Once the cake came out I knew it was all going to kick off…

It was a recipe for disaster from the start really;

– A community hall full of 3-year olds

– More sugar-based products than the Willy Wonka factory

– And noisy party-trumpets handed out to each and every minion

The next kid tooted their trumpet and the exact same harsh tone came out of it.

And the next and the next and the next.

And before you know it – the whole room was reverberating to the dreadful cacophony of trumpet-tooting toddlers all blasting out the same awful note.

Kill me now.

And it set me thinking – it’s just like marketing;


One marketer starts tooting on a monotone party-trumpet and people take notice.

And before you know it you don’t hear trumpets – you just hear noise.


And this, my friend, is why you need to play a different tune online.

Because when you do – you stand out, you get noticed, you get listened to and you make sales.

A few years ago I was just tooting like every other marketer.


I play my own tune (thanks to the help of Omar Martin) and it’s helped take my business from losing money to making $100k a month.

And now, I’m going to teach you (as a totally free bonus) how to do the same thing;

Grab your unfair advantage here;


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