Important Letter from my Lawyers

I recognized it the moment I saw it and stopped drinking my tea…

The brown envelope, the handwritten address, the pre-paid postage and the legal logo embossed on the front.

I shuddered a little.

I hate getting letters from my lawyers because it either means trouble, an invoice or both.

I opened it nervously and peered inside.

There was a cover letter from my lawyers and an official-looking document from the Australian government.

What the heck?

I started to read…

(NOTE: I thought about pasting the exact wording into this email but in usual lawyerly fashion he took several paragraphs where one sentence would have done the job)

The upshot?

One of my customers (from Australia) was filing for bankruptcy and the Aussie goverment was seeking to claw back monies to try and pay the debt.

Holy wallaby.

Looking through the paperwork I could see the long list of debts and it totalled a stomach-churning $47,330.10.


How does $47k worth of debt creep up on you overnight?

Can you suddenly wake up one day and be $47k in debt?


This person had been an ostrich.

They had buried their head in the sand when things started going wrong and only emerged after it was too late.

I’ve been there;

I’m glad I had the foresight to recognize when I needed help when things took a turn for the worse in my business earlier this year.

Now yes, I’ve made a lot of money over the years so bankruptcy was never on the cards.

And I never struggled to pay bills or any of that because I was smart enough to put money away during the good times.

But I was still hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate of knots.

I got help from Omar Martin and he turned my business (and life) around taking my biz from making losses to making $100k per month.

And he can help you too.

Get the unfair advantage here;


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