When was the last time you got some? (commissions, ahem)

Is it all getting a bit “dry” over there?

You just can’t get no satisfaction?

Starting to suffer with commissionile dysfunction?

Don’t worry – I have the little blue pill for you (Sheesh, I bet using that phrase in this email ends me up in most folks’ trash filters).

You don’t have to swallow anything distasteful either except, perhaps, the name of the product here.

Because it’s called “Emperor de Affiliates”.

I know.

Weird right?

But you know something? It really doesn’t matter what it’s called (thank Heavens) because the method works.

The guy behind it (the “Emperor” if you will – I don’t think he’s a penguin) shows you how find the best affiliate products to promote and how to get Top 3 ranking on Google for them.


Money, and lots of it.

Get excited and get your satisfaction and lust for moolah fulfilled here;



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