Is that your final answer?

I tell you –

Some of these people on 
“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” 
are fricking idiots!


I don’t know where they get ’em.

I mean – we need to realize that 
they only accept the thickest of 
the thickos right?

They’re trying to protect their 
ass(ets). Fair do’s.

But do you wanna take part 
in an internet marketing gameshow 
where the odds are firmly stacked 
in your favor?

Sure you do.

This thing is the insane brainchild 
of certified marketing genius/nutcase 
Jamie Lewis.

It’s called CashGrab and you can 
enter here;

c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe
this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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