Do you want to phone a friend?

Internet marketing can be a 
real sh**show sometimes;

You think you’re on the right 
lines, you invest a ton of time 
and money into something 
and then;


You put in all that effort into 
that project for what?


I hear you. Wouldn’t it be cool 
if you could phone a friend like 
the classic gameshow “Who Wants 
to Be a Millionaire?”.

Well you can.

In case you haven’t heard – 
maniac marketer Jamie Lewis 
has, this week, unleashed the 
world’s very first internet 
marketing gameshow.

It’s called CashGrab and 
you can enter here to get 
the cashola and be able 
to call a 7-figure marketer 
your friend;

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this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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