The Singing Guru has lost his shizzing mind!

What’s that?

You ain’t heard of the Singing Guru? 
Shocking – his name is Jamie Lewis 
and he’s one of the most creative 
muthas in IM.

He famously launched a product 
where he sang on the salesletter 
and OTOs! 🙂

The guy’s a certified loopazoid.

But now he’s forgotten his 
Lithium for a month straight 
and gone off the fookin charts.

This week he unveiled the world’s 
first internet marketing gameshow;



I know, right? I’ve seen the results 
people have been getting and it’s 
purdy staggering.

But then I know Jamie knows 
his stuff and is a superb teacher 
to boot so it doesn’t really 
surprise me.

This is turning out to be one 
of the most exciting, most fun 
and most fun ways to grab 
cashola online;

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this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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