The Weakest Link in Internet Marketing


Yes, you are always going to 
the weakest link in internet marketing.

Now before you attack me for 
being a dic* – listen;

I don’t mean there’s anything 
wrong with you. It just means 
that no matter what you buy, 
what you learn or what you 
study online;

If you don’t step up and 
actually apply it then the 
whole thing falls down.

Despite what everyone was 
saying in 2002 – there’s no 
such thing as automated moolah.

Foook. That’s a bummer.

So take a firm look at yourself 
in the mirror;

Are you upto this?

Are you ready to claim what 
is rightfully yours?

Are you finally ready to do 
whatever it takes to succeed 
at this game?

Good. (I was just testing you).

Here’s what you need to do;

1. Enter “CashGrab” below 
(the world’s first internet 
marketing gameshow)

2. Follow the steps religiously

That’s it. Hop to it and start 
grabbing the cashola;

c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe
this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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