This is it folks. 4 final 3K Ignition spots left.

Hey guys, just a quick heads up. 6 of the 10 encore spots are now gone. My guess is the remaining 4 spots will be gone today.

I mentioned that we had 170+ people email us about this new 3k/mo coaching program, and it just didn’t seem right to only open up 20 spots.

Hence why we have decided to do this special Encore.

As predicted, the Encore spots are going very quickly.

6 of the 10 spots are now gone as I’m writing this.

And look if you’re on the fence about this, just look at all the January 2017 proof which has come in already with this exact system… (nearly 6k already in 2017. Not a bad way to start off the new year.)

Bottom line is this is not a bunch of smoke and mirrors. This is a very real case study backed by real results. And it’s one of the most surefire ways for you to absolutely crush it in 2017.

If you are sick and tired of spinning your wheels, then grab one of these final Encore spots and lets get you on the right path. The profitable path.

We can’t wait to be working with you personally in this new program. This is YOUR year. Let’s do this;


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