Michael Cheney is an internet marketing expert who has helped thousands of business owners generate more sales since the year 2000.

Michael regularly delivers exciting 1-day Live Bootcamps to help entrepreneurs make more sales online.

Having built his first website in 1994 Michael Cheney graduated from Keele University to start what appeared to be a promising IT career with a multi-national oil company.

Michael quickly became disillusioned with office politics, the slow uptake of internet technologies in the company and felt unable to affect change in such a large organization;

"I was just a tiny cog in a huge machine. I looked around me and the light had gone out in everyone's eyes. They were slaves to a job they hated - I knew I had to get out of there - fast!"

In 2000 he quit the job (after just 2 years) and has been a full-time internet entrepreneur ever since.

His first internet enterprise was an online community for seniors "Seniority".

Michael Cheney on NBC TelevisionWith Michael's email marketing, content-creation, SEO methods and Public Relations effort the profile of the website grew quickly garnering coverage on the BBC, LBC radio, NBC television, Readers' Digest and many other leading publications.

Cheney then set up an internet marketing consultancy and travelled around Scotland helping business owners to get higher rankings and more traffic from the search engines.

In 2006 Michael Cheney created and launched his first ever digital training program, "AdSense Videos";

Michael Cheney's first digital training program generated over $250,000 in sales within its first week of release.

Later, Michael Cheney released 'The Golden Thread', which generated $1.8 Million in sales in two weeks.

Since then Michael has released countless training programs including his flagship email marketing training "Email Black Ops" and his list building program "List Building Black Ops".

To help other business owners grow their own profitable email lists Michael Cheney recently launched his email marketing secrets blog to share his 20+ years' insider knowledge about email marketing.

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