"How To Get High Quality Traffic To Your Website Without Lifting a Finger..."

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  • Gain Visibility

    You get instant, massive exposure, to internet marketing prospects already subscribed to an internet marketing list.

    You are getting to leverage a powerfully-built, highly-responsive email list built over time.

    You are getting a high quality clicks from Michael Cheney’s #1 Recommended Traffic Partner

  • Increase Sales

    You are getting highly-targeted, high-quality clicks direct to your (affiliate link, product, or landing page) to make easy sales.

    The combination of a hot audience, combined with established authority, and a relevant offer means certain success for you.

    You can get instant sales, instant subscribers, and also massive lifetime value on the new leads and buyers coming into your business.

  • Control Costs

    You are in control, and can decide exactly how much you invest in this done-for-you clicks service.

    (Facebook charges an average of $5.50 per click for internet marketing! And this is to a cold, unknown audience, with no endorsement from an established authority.)

    By getting your link promoted to a high quality internet marketing list – you are guaranteed high-quality, highly-targeted clicks, at a price far LESS than what Facebook charge! All delivered by our certified Traffic Partner.

  • Measure Success

    You can easily track your success with the promotion by checking your affiliate or merchant account, or your autoresponder (if you are sending your clicks to a landing page).

    There is a very quick turnaround as your order gets confirmed, and your chosen promotion link gets approved.

    Directly after you order, you will be contacted with a date of when your promotion will take place, and once it has been completed.

How This Works

  • Place Your Traffic Order

    Select the amount of traffic you want, on the next page.

  • Choose Where You Want To Send The Traffic

    Choose the link you want to send all the traffic to. We recommend you send the traffic to an optin landing page so you build a list.

  • Get Traffic in 72 Hours!

    Your order is confirmed, your link is reviewed by our Traffic Partner, and then you get all the traffic.

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  • q-iconWhere does this traffic come from?

    You are getting masses of highly-targeted, high quality clicks from a proven list of internet marketers, provided by our Traffic Partner.

    These are the high-value prospects and customers who have a high level of engagement and they are all QUALITY LEADS from Tier 1 countries.

    You are guaranteed to get traffic from some of the most valuable and hot leads in internet marketing.

  • q-iconWhat type of links are not eligible for this Traffic Service?

    To be eligible, your link must be related to internet marketing.

    Our Traffic Partner, cannot accept links to non-internet marketing websites, offers, services or landing pages.

    All links are manually reviewed and if they are not approved, your investment to buy the traffic will be immediately returned.

  • q-iconWhat results can I expect from this?

    You are guaranteed to receive the exact number of high quality clicks which you order. There is no specific guarantee on sales volumes (or subscribers), because people respond differently, to different offers.

    This traffic has been priced to afford you maximum return on investment whether you are sending clicks to a direct offer, or to an email opt-in landing page.

    You take full responsiblity to maximize your sales from the clicks you receive by building a relationship with the leads you receive and fostering their lifetime value to you.

    Remember – just one single buyer or subscriber can be worth many hundreds of dollars (and even thousands) to your over the course of their lifetime connection to your business.

  • q-iconHow quickly will my traffic be delivered?

    You will be contacted after your order has been received, with details of the promotion schedule.

    These high-value, and highly-responsive clicks are in high demand – orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Our #1 Traffic Partner endeavors to deliver all clicks within 72 hours of an order being received, and they will communicate with you directly regarding exact timelines after you place your order.

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