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Richie, Director of CoachingIf you to fail to show for your Appointment with our Acceleration Director, Richie, you permanently lose your opportunity to join the $10K/Mo. Program.

No rescheduling, no excuses, and no second chances.

Because of the overwhelming demand to join the $10K/Mo. Accelerator Program, we are only looking for serious people who are ready to start right away and become our next success story.


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Don L.

Before I got in the “10K/Mo. Beasts Accelerator” program, I spent most

of my “business building” time reading blog posts, watching videos and sifting email.

Through all of that I started to see a pattern of how successful

internet marketers were doing it. Believe me, it wasn't easy to spot

through all the crap and BS out there, but there were a couple of

guys, who had been in the business for years, and who were giving the

same consistent advice.

One of these folks put me on to a webinar (6 Million Dollar

Underpants) by a guy called, Michael Cheney. I signed up, ‘cuz who

wouldn't want to be on a webinar called “6 Million Dollar Underpants”?

In that webinar I found someone who was saying exactly the same things that I had begun to see as “the right way” of doing internet


But what he had that I hadn't found before was a clear, step-by-step

plan for making money online, and a “no one left behind” guarantee to help everyone in his program achieve success.

In the program I have what I've always been missing; a clear path to

follow and guidance to stay on it.

I no longer wonder what I need to do each day. I just follow the steps

in the program.

Doesn't mean I don't get stumped, distracted or off-track on occasion,

but that's just old habits coming back to mess with me.

The solution: Get back into the program!

It's all there right in front of me. Even if you're floundering, all

you have to do is Get Back Into The Program.

During my time in the program, I've found products to promote that

have actual value, built my own companion product for one of those

(with more in the works), gotten my website, first opt-in page, first

freebie, and first autoresponder list built, and am most of the way

through my first autoresponder sequences.

This is more accomplishment than in ALL my time trying to make it work on my own.

But the absolute, best part of being involved in this program is that

I finally see, and understand, that making money online is not just a

silly dream!

There are no more questions like, “Is this stuff real?”, or “Isn't it

all just a scam?”, or “Can I really do this?”

Now the questions are purely mechanical and procedural, and there are answers for all of them in the program.

If you're thinking about giving up on your internet marketing dreams,

there are only 3 things you need to know:

1) Internet marketing, done right, is legitimate, ethical, and real.

2) Figuring it out on your own is 99.999% impossible, but you don't

have to figure it out on your own.

3) If you can follow instructions, aren't afraid to work and make

mistakes while learning, and aren't afraid to ask for help, you can do

internet marketing, and be successful at it.

I can't speak more highly of Michael Cheney, his program, his helpful

staff, and the people I've met here.

This is THE place to be to learn how to build a successful online business.

Thank you  Coach Cheney!

Don L.





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