Michael CheneyAsk a Millionaire


As a valued member of the Millionaires Club you get to ask Michael Cheney (and bona fide MULTI-millionaire) a question to help you grow your business.

Here's how this works:

Because of extremely high demand, and Michael's extensive business and
coaching commitments, each member is permitted one direct question per 90 days membership.

These questions cannot be backdated, use 'em or lose 'em!

There are steps you must follow in order to qualify for a direct
response from Michael Cheney himself.

#1. Please ensure you have completed all the training in the
Millionaires Club - Michael will not answer questions which have
already been covered here in the members area.

#2. All questions must be STRATEGIC in nature - that is, about the
direction of your business. All technical, practical, and
"nitty-gritty" questions should be directed to our Support Team here

#3. Michael is an exceptionally busy guy, your question must be short,
succinct and on ONE, individual topic

#4. Your question should no more than 2 sentences in length

#5. Do not submit requests for promotions, Joint Venture deals,
product reviews, hand-outs or personal appearances

#6. Once you have completed all the Millionaires Club training,
followed all the steps on this page, and are ready to submit your
question you can do so by posting a support ticket here  with the subject line "Millionaires Club Member Question for Michael"

#7. Michael will endeavor to answer all questions within 5 business days

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