This knucklehead thought he was James Bond…

I was watching a documentary the other day about some normal guys off the street who were trying to pass a Special Forces test to see if they had what it takes.

One of the guys was built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he thought he could fast forward through all the training and easily become a Green Beret.


He failed because he didn’t have the right tools.

He didn’t have the proper mindset.

He only had one thing – his physical size, which wasn’t enough.

Just like affiliates.

They get into this game and think being armed with a swipe file and an affiliate link is enough ammo to make big commissions but it’s not.

You need a website.

You need a list.

You need an autoresponder.

You need to create content, high-quality products to sell, freebies to get people to join your list…

The list goes on and on.

And to put together all this stuff, it’s going to take you a very long time.

But instead of going off and spending years building all of this, you can just clone it directly from someone who has already done it all.

Here’s how:-

Patric Chan is a big-time affiliate marketer who has already done all of the hard work and put together a very lucrative business system for himself.

And Patric is going to allow you to clone his entire affiliate profit-pulling system.


So put down your dumbbells and get the tools you need to pump up your affiliate profits;


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