Is sending all these iPro emails working for me?

You know me;

I love writing emails and of course I love making money.

Who doesn’t?

So today I’ve been truly going to town.

Even by my standards.

And lemme tell you – so far, so good.

I’ve made more sales of iPro today than Friday and Saturday combined which is nice.

And still plenty more time for more people to jump on board before we close this thing down at midnight tonight.

But *almost* as important as the moolah-making is this:

When I find something which is truly changing people’s lives I feel duty-bound to tell you about it.

A lot.

And it’s your duty as an entrepreneur to weigh up the information and decide it’s for you or not.

To help you in this regard I’ve put a page together which has a ho’ bunch of FAQs and some grainy video footage of other iPro members talking about the greenbacks they’ve made doing this.

It’s a great read.

But don’t take too long on the page because we’re closing the doors on this offer at midnight Eastern tonight:


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