My assistant’s head fell off – BOINK.

My assistant, John, is the best.

He says the funniest things.

Take yesterday.

His internet service went down for a couple of hours and after it had been restored he told me on Skype;

“Losing the internet is like your head falling off.”

It’s true.

What would you do if you couldn’t get online today?

When you do things right, it won’t make any difference.

The way I teach people to set up their “constant income funnels” on Facebook means you can be offline for days and you’ll still be getting leads and making sales.

I’ve made $175210 from Facebook.

And recently I delivered live coaching over a number of weeks to show people exactly how I did it so they could copy the method and results for themselves.

They paid $5860 each to attend.

And now I’m making these recordings available to you as a free bonus when you invest in “Facebook Masters” training with Kevin Fahey.

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