My lucky roulette play which made me $700

This all happened in the days before I had money.

$1 was a big deal to me.

And I was bravely gambling with $1 chips in my local casino.

(Using my favorite color of brown chips).

Ooh – the big time.

I would always bet on the same series of numbers including my birthday date – 21.

After half an hour or so it seemed to be paying off;

I was around $50 up on where I’d started.

Happy days.

I even diligently placed a couple of red $20 chips in my back pocket for safe-keeping.

This was my way of insuring I never burned too much money.

And then it happened;

The wheel span, the ball bounced from one number to the next – would this be the time it landed on 21 giving me the big pay out I’d been waiting for.


The ball landed on 21…

I glanced down at the green velvet looking for my brown chip which I’d placed on 21 for the past 20 or so spins.

But no…

There was no brown chip.

Just some lucky git who’d put a $20 chip on 21.

Damn it.

The muppet stayed silent too – nobody claimed the win so they had to run the CCTV cameras back to see who was due the winnings.

And you know from the subject of this email it was me;

Yes, I’d subliminally reached into my back pocket and staked $20 on 21 and made $700.

Back then it felt like I’d won the lottery.

So my question for you is this;

What are you going to stake your financial future on today? May I be so bold as to suggest you enjoy getting your hands on this lucky jackpot;


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