This guy has Pssed me right off…

There’s at least 1001 internet
marketers better than me.

There’s at least 10,000 cyclists 
who are better than me.

There’s probably 100,000 dads 
who are better than me.

But when some guy taps me on 
the shoulder who beats me at 
all THREE it pisses me off the most.

Meet Eric (he’s the guy in the picture);

Not only is he a stronger, better 
and faster cyclist than me (git).

And not only is he father to no 
fewer than SIX kiddywinkles (yikes).

He’s also a better marketer than me 
because he’s making more money 
than me with less time.

And he’s doing this while being the 
father to his six kids and following 
his pastime of being an elite cyclist, 
swimmer and runner.

(Oh yeah he swims and runs too – 
did I forget to mention that?)

Makes you sick don’t it?

It does me. 

At least it did until he shared 
with me what he was doing to 
make so much money with so
little time.

Now I kinda like the guy.

Discover this cool money method 
for yourself – perfect if you’re 
time-crunched like Eric is;

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