Am I a douche magnet or something?

magnetThe crazies are back…

“I see a lot of you promoting landing page monkey and then in 4 days another tool that does a gazillion things more is releasing it’s magic.

So the purchase of landing page monkey is gonna look like a f@ck up.” – Mr. D. Bag

Real email.

Not his real name.

My response;

“Dear Mr. Bag,

I thankyou kindly for your astute and worldly-wise observations.

In between the lines of your eloquent email I sense an underlying frustration about the frequency of my marketing.

In other words;

“Cheney marketing lots = bad”

While it would be great if you bought every time I emailed you this would not be the action of a sane person.


There are over 100,000 people on my list and they each have different business challenges.

It is my duty to provide them with the best solutions to these challenges.

I believe they call this marketing.

It is your “job” as the reader to see if you want the solution being offered.

If not – press delete, go feed your cats and play Dungeons and Dragons or whatever it is you do.

So is Landing Page Monkey the best product in the world ever?


Of course it is.

If you have the challenge of wanting to build a list quick.

For the problem of hungry cats and no friends to play Dungeons and Dragons with – there are probably better solutions out there.”

That was my response.

So let me ask you;

Would you like a big list so you can get weird emails from douchebags like this to brighten up your day?

( The by-product is getting cool emails from nice people and making lots of money ).

If so – go buy Landing Page Monkey because;

I’m doing a live webinar on email marketing as a bonus when you grab this through my link below.

So if you’ve been wondering how to get better open rates, read rates, clickthru rates and “making-a-ton-of-money” rates then you’ll enjoy this webinar.

It’s only for buyers of Landing Page Monkey thru my page;

And yes – I know I’m hammering this one home but with good reason;

You need a list.

This software is the best way to get one.

And my bonus webinar training will be fun too – I’ll show you how I made $6k recently just by sending a few emails.


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