Poison dwarf newbies and the very very big black man

gnome-303648_640Watch out.

Because if you don’t have the entrepreneurial mindset and “neverquitability” you might end up turning into a poison dwarf newbie;

“I am so sick of all this hype and nonsense. My inbox is so full of money making schemes, Business in a box, Internet millions, etc, it’s so sickening already. I’m at a point where I don’t believe anything.” – Jeffrey Yikes.

Sure – there’s junk out there but if you see someone you trust recommending something proven to you and you don’t invest in it (when it’s an embarrassing $7) then you have a problem.

Oh and then there’s Kevin;

“I’m not little I’m a very very big 6 foot 6 black man.”

Thanks Kevin.

This was in response to an earlier email where I was talking about the “Little Guy” who made big profits.

The little guy in question is Eric Larson (not sure why Kevin thought it was him).

And Eric is “little” because he’s a newbie, had no list, no affiliates, no experience and no clue but found a simple way to make $20,987 in a few months.

He’ll show you how for seven of your Earth dollars.

And yes of course there is a non-essential upsell which I highly recommend you get.

The $7 report shows you what to do – the upsell gives you Eric by your side (live) to help you get it up and running and making money fast.

So go grab the $7 report (and Eric’s personal help if you can stretch to a few more bucks);



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