FB Prospector DEADLINE DAY (and FAQ inside, naturally)

I received some real gold nugget questions regarding FB Prospector and since today is the last day to grab it, I want to address the questions which popped up most often with you today in this email.


Q. Can you tell me what FB Prospector is all about?


In a nutshell, FB Prospector shows you step-by-step how to use the Facebook data Facebook gathers on every Facebook user to find out exactly where the money is and how you can profit from that information.

Q. Can I really use this to make money?


Facebook is huge (1.59 billion monthly active users) and Facebook gathers personal info on all of those users.

FB Prospector shows you exactly how to use the data to make a bucketload of cash on Facebook.

Q. I don’t know Michael. I have only used Facebook in the past to keep in touch with family and to watch the occasional cat video haha. Data mining sounds hard. Do you think a beginner like me can make money with this program? Do you think a newbie like me should buy it?


You should definitely buy it because it doesn’t matter if you have never worked with Facebook data before because FB Prospector provides you a step-by-step “map” which you can follow directly to the money.

It doesn’t get any easier.

So go buy it before it’s too late.

At Midnight Eastern tonight, the FB Prospector offer will be gone and so will your chance to cash in on Facebook.



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