Know-it-all subscriber gets the boot..

I woke up to this in my inbox this morning;


“Too many emails a day. Not sure whether to put you in spam or unsubscribe. Any suggestions.”


“Ive saved you the hassle – you’re dismissed.”

Their sarcastic tone indicated they think they know better.

And obviously they don’t understand internet marketing.

I’ve made $3k every day in 2016 so far by sending emails.

The more I send the more I make.

The people who “get me” just love my emails – they tell me every day.

Many people save them all in a special folder.

But the “know-it-alls” just don’t get it.

They whinge, they whine or they send me sarcastic replies.


Just because you see something from the outside doesn’t mean you know what’s happening on the inside.

You see – I make $3k a day working just 5 hours a day, five days a week by doing this;


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