The “Entitlement Douchebags” are back

Freshly-served from my Inbox today;

“How much amount I have to receive; let me know. so later I contact you. Anyway contact Presidents Choice bank A/C. 00240-**** to deposit. Phone. 1.888.723. ****. Thanks. – Thomas”

Sure thing Thomas – let me just wire you this middle finger…

Next up – more douchebaggery of the highest order;

“Hi thank you very much please my account254*** in Bank of Baghdad please e-mail me when send thank you.”

No – thank you very much please for your grammatically and financially insane email request thank you please.


Looks like there’s no end to people who want money.

And I geddit.

But you don’t get it handed to you Moto.

Not even in the gold-paved streets of internet marketing.

Oh no.

You need to work to get it.

But if you don’t like work and can only extend yourself to 60 minutes of it then you should get this;


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