American Idle

They call it “lazyitis”…

It’s the dream-killing phenomenon which is zombifying Americans and other people all over the world.

Let’s face it…

Most people would rather watch Dancing With The Stars for 60 minutes than study how to get wealthy.

Most people would rather spend 60 minutes lying in bed than get an hour’s exercise to improve their health.


And most people would rather spend 60 minutes peeking into other people’s lives on Facebook than spend 60 minutes to improve their own.

But you’re not like most people.

Are you?

You’re different. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re a pioneer.

It’s in your DNA.

You have the same gene I do.

It’s pumping through the blood in your veins right now. Driving you to innovate, urging you to discover and powering you to accumulate wealth.

But watch out Moto because…

The lazyitis disease can strike the best of us.

And if you do what everyone else does – you’ll get what everyone else gets;


So I have an urgent recommendation for you…

Forget watching TV today and spend 60 minutes making some real money instead;


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