Even Bill Gates is using these weird 1 cent ads

Bill Gates is one smart cookie.

And he’s found a type of odd 
online ad to promote his 
foundation on some of the 
richest online real estate 
in the world (for pennies).

These ads are weird.

Because they don’t even 
look like ads at all – they blend in.

And you’ve probably seen 
hundreds of them already 
on some of the biggest 
websites in the world and 
not even realized it;

CNN, The New York Times 
and Time Magazine are just 
a few of the big name sites 
where you can put your ads.

And the best part?

You only have to put a few pennies 
in and you get dollars out the 
other side (you don’t even need 
anything to sell or promote).

It’s called “arbitrage” and 
here’s how you do it;


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