A big fish in a small niche

eyes-47834_640My student’s head was blown clean off his shoulders.

Well not literally – let me explain.

A frustrated former student of mine once asked me for advice to help him with his struggling niche marketing business.

He worked hard on his website;

He did a bunch of research, found a niche that was filled with hungry buyers and created a bunch of content to target the niche.

Even though he did everything in his power to make darn sure he would make money in this niche;

He didn’t.

He failed miserably and this just blew his mind. He had no idea what he could have done differently.

He came to me for advice and this is the question I asked him;

“Do you think it’s better to be a small fish in a big niche pond, or a big fish in a small niche pond?”

Most people think being a small fish in a big niche pond is better because in a big niche, you know for sure the demand is there so there’s obviously money to be made.

Not necessarily.

Big niches also have big competition and it’s easy for inexperienced affiliate marketers to get eaten up by them.

My recommendation is for you to stick to small niches.

Here’s why:-

There’s less competition and you’ve got a better chance of keeping all the profits from that niche.

However, you do need to find the right search terms those hungry buyers are using to find the info which will help solve their problems.

Keywords which are getting high searches and low competition.

So grab your best fishing pole, put on your waders and learn how you can hook yourself some big fish in a small niche;



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