Small ones are more juicy

orange-42395_640I remember an advertisement on tv when I was a kid for these tiny little satsumas.

They were a special type of satsuma which were really small.

And rather than being a downside, instead they would say “small ones are more juicy” because you actually get more juice out of them compared to some of the bigger ones.

This is just like niches.

If you go into a big niche, you might think you will get more juice but you won’t because you are fighting it out with thousands and thousands of other people.

But if you go into a smaller niche, you can get all the juice which will end up being more than the fraction you would get from the bigger niche.


To be able to do this you are going to need the right tools.

To learn how to squeeze more juice out of small niches, grab your straw and check out this link;


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