This is Ground Control to Major Newbie…

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on Planet Newbie?

Whether you’re new here or you’ve been struggling here for years you don’t need me to tell you this can be a pretty unforgiving place.

And the worst part?

The planet’s resources are running out. Money is thin on the ground and everyone is scrabbling around fighting over the scraps.

The solution?

Space travel (kinda).

You need to launch at high speed and escape Planet Newbie’s strong gravitational pull.

Trust me – resources are much more plentiful up here in the vast open space of “the moneyverse”.

The best part?

My friend Jani G and I have built the rocket for you and it’s on the launchpad waiting for you to step in.


Jani G is the guy who’s made over $5 million selling digital products online.

Recently he made $47,391.32 in just 3 weeks.

And together, on a no-money-down, live training event we’re going to show you exactly how it’s done.

The countdown reaches zero and we blast off at 7pm EST TODAY (Monday) either you’re in or you’re out.

So grab your spacesuit, wave goodbye to Planet Newbie and grab your seat on “the money rocket” before it blasts off for good in a few hours;

IMPORTANT I’ve known Jani G for several years and he’s one smart cookie.

Which is why he’s not going to reveal this powerful make-money info to just anyone – you must meet these 3 qualifications in order to attend this live training event;

#1. You must be a serious business owner wanting to grow their online business quickly

#2. You must agree not to share or resell the information you discover

#3. You must be open to the idea of investing to grow your business

Because of this all Jani G asks is you put down your credit card to secure your spot on this live training event because this clearly demonstrates you can meet the 3 qualifications above.

You will not be charged one single cent at this time. You pay $77 after the training IF and ONLY IF you have got massive money-making value from it. (If you don’t feel it will multiply your earnings then just let Jani know – he’ll show you how on the webinar – and you won’t pay a single red cent.)

Jump on this right now because time is running out;


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