EXPIRED – Sorry about this..

So it’s 7.07AM Monday morning…

Just got back from my daily bike ride and uploading the data on my PC, I check my emails and…


My in box is bulging at the seams with hacked off, annoyed, frustrated and disappointed people.

I’ve never seen so much “Cheney, I tried to order Zapable” and now the price has nearly doubled.

That’s an extra $1097 over 3 years.

“Can you PLEASE give me the special deal again”? they all cried.


This special offer was for my members to create their own apps to sell to local businesses that expired last night.

They have like over 300 testimonials on their website.

So I went back to Andrew the co founder of Zapable and asked could be do an extension and guess what his answer was?

“Sorry Chenster but can’t do it – we really do stick to our deadlines”

So I kind of got slightly angry –

I mean I’ve known Andrew a long time an felt this was a bit unfair.

But then after thinking I realised “It is fair – a deadline was set and he stuck to it”.

The problem is there are so many false scarcity deals out there that it’s hard for customers to know what is real.

Anyway after I had ‘calmed down’ I went back to Andrew and showed him the 173+ emails from my customers.

We had a talk about the false deadline stuff too and realised that maybe you didn’t think it was real?

Because of the way a lot of products in this market place are.

So what I’ve done is this…

I’ve got Andrew to re open the special incredible deal but ONLY to midnight tonight EST (Monday).

This is real deadline. Proper deadline- and it won’t be extended after that.

As a reminder…

1) Instead of getting 25 apps you get UNLIMITED.

2) You get it nearly 50% discount compared to the deal on their main website

3) AND you get 3 high HD quality ‘done for you’ videos to sell apps in the most popular industries.

So if you missed out yesterday this truly is your last chance. Click here to take advantage now;



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