I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse (no horse’s head required)

bargain-455988_64022Me – the Godfather?


But here’s an offer you definitely can’t refuse;

Buy the Commission Machine through my link (or anyone else’s if you’re out bonus hunting) and I will pay you $50 in cold, hard cash direct to your PayPal account if you decide you want a refund (you won’t);


3 Important Things

Thing 1 – When you’re a member you can also promote the Commission Machine as an affiliate. And because it pays 100% commission that means you can pay for your admission with just one sale.

Thing 2 – You need to get a secret code to be approved to promote it (revealed when you’re a member) and you can’t buy thru your own link

Thing 3 – The price is going up at midnight on Sunday night so grab your place inside right now;



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