Internet marketing is a waste of your life

This could well be the most important email you ever read (if you take action at the end).

I’ll start it off with some lines from the movie “Rocky” to test you…

See if you can work out what the lesson is here;

Rocky: I been comin’ here for six years, and for six years ya been stickin’ it to me, an’ I wanna know how come!

Mickey: Ya don’t wanna know!

Rocky: I wanna know how come!

Mickey: Ya wanna know?


Mickey: OK, I’m gonna tell ya! You had the talent to become a good fighter, but instead of that, you become a legbreaker to some cheap, second rate loanshark!

Rocky: It’s a living.


There you have it.

This is you in internet marketing – wasting your life away.

Unless, that is, you’re actually making a success of it?

You can define this however you want of course – it’s your funeral.

I’ll define it thus;

Making a difference and making money (in that order and YES – it needs to be both).

If you’re not making a big difference to others and you’re not making big money from internet marketing you’re wasting your life.


You can kid yourself it’s gonna change.

It’s not.

You can kid yourself your success is “just around the corner”.

It ain’t.

In fact – you can read, memorize and recite as much new-age “positive thinking” boolsheet as you like it won’t count for jack.


You’ll be successful when you do exactly what successful people are doing right now.

You’ll be successful when you man up, strap on your gloves and fight the last and only ever fight you need to win.

On short:-

You’ll be successful when you do this;


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