Guru confesses: ‘My minimum wage maid makes more than I do.’

It was three years ago.

My business was tanking badly (I didn’t know half what I do now) and my weekly commissions were so low I remember thinking;

“Oh crap – I haven’t even made enough money this week to pay the maid.”

That’s when you know your affiliate marketing is in the pits.

Now – full disclaimer here:-

I wasn’t on the bread line or anything like that;


I’ve got no mortgage and enough money tucked away to comfortably retire by most people’s standards.

But cash flow is king.

And not having big commissions coming in is enough to give anyone the shittery-jitters.

(if you’ll pardon my French).

Then lady luck paid me a visit.

Thank feck.

I stumbled across a real life genius who’d found a way to make big commissions for little effort.

We’re talking $700 pay days, $1000 pay days and even $4k pay days.

I went on to make $303,282.06 in commissions.

Yes – all profit.


Here’s how;


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