The case for bombing the Warrior Forum.

boom-smallStand well back, this could get messy…


I don’t wanna harm anyone and I am talking figuratively here, not literally, but there is definitely a case for bombing the Warrior Forum.

Granted – there are some tiny pockets of intelligent life on there.

And it’s totally not WF’s fault.

But, in my opinion, most people on the Warrior Forum typify what’s wrong with internet marketing;

Too much mental masturbation from “Wantrepreneurs”.

They want success but they’re all mouth and no trousers.

They want it.

But not enough to actually do anything about it.

They want it.

But not enough to get up early and stay up late to get it.

They want it.

But not enough to invest serious money and actually build a business.

So they hop from one thing to the next, they rant, they critique, they talk a good game but ultimately they do, and achieve, very little.

I’m the opposite and I hope you are too, Moto.

I do a lot.

That’s what entrepreneur means – a do-er.

But it’s not without its risks.

Take the 17 months from March 2013 to Jul 2014.

I worked my tail off morning, noon and night.

But I was doing the wrong work.

And I made losses of over $100k.

This week I’ve been showing you a video series about exactly what happened and how I was able to turn things around to $53k per month since the start of August.

Get your entrepreneurial blood pumping and watch the latest video installment of my story (along with the others if you missed them) here;

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