You won’t believe how this newb made $28,137.07 in 3 Weeks…

moneybags-30556_960_720You couldn’t make this up.

Brett Hitchcock had never created or launched a product in his life.

But after following the 7 simple steps which my good friend Jani G showed him, Brett made $28,137.07 in less than 3 Weeks.

Holy crap.

Going from a total newb who didn’t know a thing about launching his own product to making $28,137.07 is unreal.

This is not the best part though.

You want to hear what’s more amazing?


Brett also made an additional $20k on the backend.

Holy sheep poop Batman…

That’s more than $40K for a guy who launched a product for the very first time.

And he did it in just 3 weeks from selling a small $7 product, using Jani G’s 7 simple steps formula.

I’m not surprised though.

Jani G is an expert at the product launch and has made over $5 million online himself.

And now;

For the first time ever, Jani’s going to show you LIVE those 7 simple steps on a no-money-down live training event.

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