The Walking Dead of Facebook

zombie-521243_640There seems to be a lot of zombie marketers on Facebook.

Check this…

They’re all doing the same thing.

Slow, lumbering human corpses in one line looking half dead and getting flesh eating-ly bad results from Facebook.

They’re not making any money.

Their ads aren’t working and they are wasting a lot of money on Facebook.

They’ve been hypnotized and walking like zombies because of all the rubbish they see on Facebook.

They’re wasting time watching those stupid cat videos.

It’s contagious and more and more of these zombie marketers are appearing every day.

How do we stop this?

How can we put an end to all this madness?

We shoot them in the head.


Everyone knows to kill a zombie you must shoot em in the head and destroy the brain.

And to kill a Facebook zombie, you must shoot them in the brain as well…

The Facebook brain.

You see:-

The Facebook brain is all the personal data Facebook gathers on every one of their users.

Their age.

Their marital status.

Their hobbies and interests.

And many, many other things I don’t have time to mention.

This kind of data in the hands of a smart marketer (who knows what to do with it) means lots of big moolah in their bank account.


Most marketers don’t know what to do with this data and are forever destined for failure and to rot penniless.

Luckily for you though, my good friend Iva Embley is a master with Facebook data and knows exactly how to make money from it.

And now;

Iva wants to help you make money on Facebook too.

But don’t drag your feet on this one because this offer expires at Midnight Eastern on Sunday.

So grab your shotgun, aim for the Facebook head and cash in on Facebook zombie brains today;


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