Backlash against my PayPal giveaway continues

present-150291_640 (1)I woke up to a bomb in my inbox.


My “brainfart” idea yesterday to give people $7 so they could go buy a product I believe in caused a mighty ruckus of epic proportions.


The offer is closed so don’t even ask me for the moolah.

It was open for around 4 hours and during that time I gave away hundreds of dollars to seemingly honest people who were going to use the funds to invest in the Little Guy, Big Profits method with Eric Larson.

He’s the newbie who made $20,987 in a few months with no list, no affiliates, no experience and no clue.

Well anyhoo;

More than half the people I gave the money to ran to the hills thinking they’d got one over on me.

They didn’t buy the program at all but rather squirrelled the $7 away to presumably spend on “webcam services”, comics or Kleenex.


It’s a sad world we live in when people would rather fritter their money away on meaningless junk than invest in protecting their future and building a financial fortress.

So let me tell you right now – if you’re the kind of person who would rather waste money than invest it in growing your business then it’s time we parted ways (unsubscribe link below).

For everyone else – if you really want to know how to breakthrough online (even if you’re a brand spanking newbie) then grab “Little Guy, Big Profits” from Eric Larson;

And while you’re at it – jump on any opportunity you get to work more closely with him (it’s his OTO I believe – not essential but if you like accountability and someone showing you exactly what to do then it’s a must-have).


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