I crashed my bike

bike-213691_640Picture the scene…

There I was – dressed head to toe in Lycra, cycling helmet on and ready to take to the country roads of Scotland for another epic ride.

Just like every other day, I rode out of my drive majestically ready for adventure ahead.

Three seconds later I was flat on my face in a pile of twisted metal and sinew.


What looked to me like water on the road was, in fact, sheet ice.

I went down like a ton of bricks.

My ego took the worst hit. And my bike needed fixing up too.

But now everything’s fine and I’ve hit the road again (in the right way) and loved every minute.

The lesson Moto?

If you do something often enough you’re gonna crash eventually.

And that’s fine because you’ll be stronger and wiser afterwards.

(I now test the road on foot before getting on my bike)

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