Thousands of idiots will buy Zapable today

e-commerce-402822_640I predict that thousands of muppets will buy Zapable (the simple mobile app building software) today for the wrong reasons;

They’ll buy it to get their hands on ridonkulous bonuses piled on by desperate marketers looking to make a quick buck.

Not my style.

I’m actually giving you an anti-Bonus when you get Zapable through my link.

That’s right my little munchkin.

You get zilch from me for investing in Zapable.


Because if you grab this just for the bonuses you’re missing the point.

You might as well go stick a pin in the Warrior Forum and hop on the latest shiny object over there.

The point here is this;

If you’re buying Zapable because you’re going to use it, because you’re going to create your own mobile apps, because you’re going to make money selling the apps and because you are serious about staking your claim in the mobile app market then great;

This is for you.

Otherwise, headeth ye over to YouTube to sniff out the biggest steaming pile of PLR you can find from the bonus whores over there.

I have faith in you.

Do the right thing today – buy Zapable, stay focused and just get the software now and start making money with it;


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