Good robot or bad robot?

android-150996_960_720I saw i-Robot again on Netflix the other day.

Cool movie.

(Apart from the blatant product placement, occasional cliche and plot holes left out from the book)

But it set me thinking;

In internet marketing there are good robots and bad robots.

The bad ones do things like spamming, harvesting email addresses and “fishing” for contacts on Facebook.

And the good ones?

Well I’ll tell ya;

They’re few and far between.

Most of ’em are trying to do things we humans do but end up looking, well, all robot-ish.

Apart from AutoViral that is.

You see;

AutoViral is a cool “robot” (actually a bit of software you use) which scours the web for the most-shared content, re-writes it then adds it to your website.

Purdy nifty huh?

And you don’t need to be a robotic engineer to see how easily you can use something like this to start piling up some pennies.

So do the robot on over to this link before this special offer is EXTERMINATED (deal is ending tonight at Midnight EST);


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