I fart in your face

air-160492_960_720Of all the insults I’ve had emailed to me this one was the best.

A guy was whinging about how nothing was ever as easy as “marketers” say it is and there was always some work involved.

I replied putting him in his place and stating the blindingly, bleeding obvious;

“Yes. To make money you need to work at something.”

He got uppity and replied;

“I fart in your face.”

Nice image.

So if you’re like my farting friend and expect money to pour out of your computer without you lifting a finger then listen up;

Don’t invest in Eric’s “ArbiCash” method because, shock horror, it requires work.


Not a lot. Eric has 6 kids and an addiction to exercise so he doesn’t have much spare time to spend making money online.

But he makes a lot.

And he does it with simple, fast work, here’s how;



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