“The dog ate my website.”

You can make money or excuses.

Not both.

Don’t be the person who says;

“I don’t have the time.”

“I don’t have the money.”

“I don’t have the knowledge.”

“I don’t have the experience.”

“I don’t have the expertise.”

“I don’t have the product.”

“I don’t have the website.”

“I don’t have the idea.”

What a total crock.

NOBODY has any of that stuff when they start out.

But they carry on regardless until they get it.

They start as newbies and even when they’re experts they still have the newbie’s thirst for learning.

That’s the difference.

So you need to realize whatever you think is the reason you’ve not been successful online upto now is likely not the real reason.

The real reason is you;

You’re either not working long enough, not working hard enough or you’re doing the wrong work.

I can help you through this.

But I don’t want ANY BS excuse-makers.

Because frankly, life is too short for excuses.

Especially when I’m giving you these excuse-crushing items as a free bonus;

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