A whole new dickhead level

A few top JVs and myself have a shared email thread going back and forth where we blacklist douchebags and dickheads from our businesses.

Recently it was taken to a “whole new dickhead level” when one of our customers bought everything twice then did a chargeback with his credit card company, applied to be an affiliate AND requested a refund.

All at the same time.

Like I say – an all NEW level of dickhead.

The lesson here?

Don’t be a dickhead.

If you’re a serious internet marketer who realizes you need to invest in the right tools to get the job done then listen up (otherwise ta-ta):-

You need to buy the Niche Marketing Toolkit from John and Dave.


I’m done extolling its benefits for you.

It’s obvious.

It makes a “no brainer” decision look like quantum physics.

Just do it.

And be quick because the discount offer EXPIRES at Midnight EST tonight;



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