I did something in the shower which made you money

My mind works in mysterious ways.

And it seems the flow of water upon my super-sized bonce has the effect of producing money-making bonzer ideas.

And so it happened…

One day back in November I was enjoying my morning shower when;


An idea struck me which was so powerful, so exciting and so unique I got shampoo in my eyes, swallowed some bubbles and nearly slipped to my untimely death.

Fortunately for you I survived.

The idea was simple;

Remove all the work from you getting your own highly lucrative online business.


Just do EVERYTHING for you.

It wasn’t gonna be cheap.

But it was gonna be fan-dabby-dozie.

And here it is.


c) Copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not try to copy or swipe this because even my lawyers have lawyer

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