I’ve been accepted on MasterChef


This is one of the fake statements doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment in the guise of some cheesy viral meme.

I saw one of my friends post it today and I was like “Wow” so I liked the status.

This then triggered a Private Message along the lines of;

“It’s not real but because you liked it you’re now part of the game so post it on your wall – don’t tell the secret.”


Gimmicks like this are cool and all but you don’t need them and you certainly can’t rely on them to build a sustainable business.

You just need good marketing.

Case in point;

I made $1.1Million online in 2016.


Doing good marketing.

– Creating products

– Growing a list

– Finding the best affiliate products

– Creating countless affiliate promotions etc etc.

You could do this too.

But it would take you an age just to learn how to do this stuff.

Not to mention all the trial and error I’ve had to go thru to get good at this stuff.


Just fast-forward to the money instead by getting all this handed to you on a silver platter.


It’s your 7-Figure Franchise;

– You get all my products (for free)

– You get 100% commissions and instant payouts on everything

– You get every affiliate promotion I’ve ever written to use as your own

– You get the step by step training (recordings of 2-day live workshop)

This is not for everyone.

But if you have determination to make money online and the common sense to invest in yourself then this definitely is for you.

So start cooking up collossal commissions without having to do any cooking here;



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