Be a rich affiliate: how to get your links to go viral

Most viral marketing is a crock.

The diagrams look cool and all but the reality never matches up to the theory.

Well, this is different and I’ve seen the power of this thing firsthand from my good friend Omar Martin.

You see:-

Omar is a pro at this viral marketing stuff and he created an incredible viral traffic training program and software he calls Buzzinar.

With his software, Omar made $396,126.01 in commissions last year.

And if you’re wondering if his software still works today, check out the smokin’ hot results Omar got with his recent test;

* 190 optins


* 42% share conversion


(BTW, Omar received those results in just 10 hours).

Them’s some great numbers my friend.

And you can get results like this too by investing in Buzzinar.

But wait.

Would you like even better results?

Good cause John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson and I have joined forces and put together a huge traffic bonus which will knock you socks off.

(You can find out more about the bonus once you click on the link below).

And after you do;

Make sure you get Buzzinar right away because the low launch price and free traffic bonus both expire this weekend.

So grab Buzzinar now and get your hands on the exact same viral traffic system Omar used to rake in $396,126.01 last year in Commissions;


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