Threats, bribes and dog slobber? (The Lost Art of Parenting by Michael Cheney)

Who said parenting was easy?

(Nobody last time I checked).

This week has been a toughie – the gruesome twosome (Holly 5 y/o and James 3.4) have been putting my wife and I through the mill this week.

There was the “dog slobber” incident (don’t ask).

The “I don’t want to get dressed today” incident (from one of the kids, not me).

And to top it all…

Our new puppy Charlie can now jump up to the height of a high chair.

What I never knew when I took on this “job to end all jobs” is I would need the skills of good cop and bad cop rolled all into one.

The most effect routine seems to be the 1-2-3 doompocalypse;

“I’m going to count to three. And if you don’t X then Y.”

The joys.

It does work though and of course Y is never anything too dramatic.

Anyhoo – today you have your own deadline you need to take action on.

I’m going to count to three – it will take me until midnight tonight to do it.

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