have you ever played Mouse Trap?

It’s a doozy ain’t it?

You set up all the little pieces;

The ball bearings, the diving man, the bathtub, the see-saw and the mouse trap to catch the mouse.

Then you push the ball bearing and stand back to watch the fun results unfold before your very eyes.

Pure joy.

My kids will play it for hours and I did too when I was their age.

And when I saw this new software called “Passive Profits Builder” it reminded me of just that;

Doing a bit of set up and then watching things happen automatically right in front of your eyes.

Only this time the result is money and not catching a mouse.

The way this software works is pure genius;

You click a few buttons and it creates a viral report for you with a product review inside stuffed with your affiliate links.

The report starts going viral and you get tons of clicks and sales.

All from a very minimal set up time and no hard labor.

Amen to that.

Catch yourself some big commission mice at this link, squeak-squeak; http://www.michaelcheney.com/passiveprofits/


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