newbies everywhere are raving about this


I was in my local village post office just this morning and there were several internet marketing newbies in there playing loud dubstep house music, waving dayglo sticks and raving their asses off about the “Passive Profit Builder” software.


Look – let’s slice to the catch here;

It takes work to make money with this thing.

You need to choose a product you want to promote as an affiliate.

Then you need to click a few buttons inside the software.

The abject horror, I know.

After all that strenuous work though you are totally Scott free. You can stage your own doughnut-eating contest, sky dive into a vat of jelly or watch that last episode of Game of Thrones for a 12th time if you want.

Your call.

This is what life is like when you are making passive profits.

(Sweet in case you’re not following my lingo here sweetcheeks).

For heaven’s sake do your wallet a favor and buy this;


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