FAQ about this Omar “unfair advantage” thang and my bonus

You’ve been emailing me some questions about Omar’s “My Unfair Advantage” and my bonus so here goes …

“Is there an upsell to this product? It would appear that the product is a one stop shop and often they trick you into believing your going to get the full promotion until you purchase and realise things are not what they appear to be.”


There is an upsell but it’s not essential to your success. It will just get you there quicker.

The entry level gives you full access to the members area including weekly live group coaching calls with Omar, all his tools, all his products, all his software and all his training.


“I see these deadlines and countdowns all the time. Does this thing really close down on Sunday night?”


The usual price to join Omar’s coaching program is $1497. But this weekend he is running a special so you can get in for $37.

You know like Walmart, Amazon and Macy’s have specials around this time of year. 😉

It finishes at midnight EST on Sunday (that’s New York time).

Next question…

Q. “Do I still qualify for your bonuses if I don’t have a list, no website, nothing except, a real strong desire to succeed?”


You don’t need any prior knowledge, experience or list to succeed with this.

My bonus includes a done-for-you website complete with a ready to earn product which has already done over $60k in sales.

This website and product are now yours.

The money from all sales is sent directly to your PayPal account.

Plus you’re getting live training from me where you’ll discover the exact steps Omar taught me to go from zero to $100k a month (in just a few months).

The next question has a healthy dose of skepticism;

“You say you went from zero to $100k just by applying Omar’s advice. But didn’t you already have existing affiliates, existing list and connections?”

I’d been out of the internet marketing game for around 18 months.

My list was as dead as a dodo.

I’d burned bridges with most of my affiliates and marketing connections.

One of the free tactics Omar taught me got 2853 new affiliates.

None of which I had before applying Omar’s advice.

And this happened in just a few weeks.

I’ll tell you how I did this in the bonus training.

The next question is about money;

“You say I’m guaranteed a cash payuot on this, pls can u explain what this means?”


Omar is giving away cash prizes for affiliates who promote his offer this weekend.

And you’re getting a share of whichever cash prize I win.

The top prize is $1500.

You’ll get the money sent directly to your PayPal account.

So Moto…

Your time is now.

#1. Grab your spot before this is taken down on Sunday;



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